We see clients in their homes and offices in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. If yoga and other self-care practices are hard to fit into a busy life, this is for you! We can come to you, at a time that fits into your schedule and personalise the sessions according to your needs and goals. These sessions are 60 minutes and usually scheduled at a standing time each week. 

We also see private clients at the Melbourne Yoga Shala in East Hawthorn. Here we offer a dedicated yoga space. There will be none of the distractions from your regular life.

These sessions are 60 minutes and are available at various times depending on who your teacher is. As availability is limited, the priority for scheduling will be given to students who desire regular sessions (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). If availability allows though, we are more than happy to schedule sessions on an “as needed” basis and these can be booked easily by contacting us using the form below.

Private sessions with Jean Campbell
Jean has been teaching yoga for over 24 years.  She has been training yoga teachers for 16 years, both internationally and within Australia and specialises in teaching anatomy.  She can help you with injuries or conditions: lower back, neck, shoulders, knees, sciatica and other nerve pain. Many symptoms can be reduced or eliminated with the right program and consistent effort on your part. You can work on stress reduction and mindfulness. You may be attending group classes already and wish to gain some insight into how to improve your practice or recover from an injury. Jean also offers mentor sessions for yoga teachers. It really depends on what you wish to gain from the classes.

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Private sessions with Melia Wong
Melia has been practising yoga for over 13 years. She can help you to improve your strength and flexibility as well as work with specific injuries and muscular restrictions. Classes can be tailored to be energising and dynamic or calming and restorative. Melia is trained and mentored by Jean.


Private sessions with Beishen Khor
Beishen specialises in teaching privates in Mandarin.
She has a special focus on yoga for women and can help you with yoga practice during and after pregnancy. Her teaching is not limited to a particular style, rather on developing the best type of practice to suit your current needs. Beishen is trained and mentored by Jean.



Back pain no longer prevents me from moving freely...

"I commenced yoga with Melbourne Shala Yoga due to chronic back pain, despite years of practising yoga. Over the first 6 months with Jean’s tuition I learned to correct many poor movement habits and replaced them with functional movement patterns.

After the initial 6 months, pain free I continued to develop my practice and made progress into postures I was able to do in my 30’s but had to give away due to the back pain. Over time, step by step, with an individually tailored program combining knowledge, strengthening and improved flexibility from accurate positioning, my yoga practice has returned to what I knew but with deeper understanding.

Now at 50 I practise better yoga than I did at 30. I love it that back pain no longer prevents me from moving freely. I highly recommend Jean, she is a highly skilled teacher with a practice that works."

— Sally Wood

Insights into my personal practice...

After practising yoga for many years, I first came to the Yoga Shala to have a private lesson with Jean. I was so impressed and excited to leave that first session with many new insights into my personal practice. Jean’s years of experience, wealth of knowledge and genuine interest in helping people is a rare and wonderful combination! 

- Ruth Bailey

My injury affected the way I taught yoga...

"I started coming to Melbourne Yoga Shala as I had hurt my back and needed to find a way to relieve pain as I am also a yoga teacher. Jean helped me not only learn an entirely new style of practice, with Mysore Ashtanga, but in addition to this there was an immediate reduction in pain after my first time in her Beginners Course. 

Jean took great care to ensure that my practice was pain free and on the right track right from the first interaction. Her depth of knowledge and years of experience meant that I felt reassured, supported and understood at a time when an injury affected the way I taught and did daily tasks. 

I initially thought that an old hamstring injury was the cause of my pain, but Jean showed me that it was referred pain from my back and we could fix it with a change of practice and awareness of my body/posture.

Now I do not experience pain in my lower back and am able to complete a full practice without fear of reintroducing the injury. Jean is always able to help when it comes to progressions and her thorough explanations enable me to understand my body more and more each time I practice.”

— Lauren Hull



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