Anatomy of the Spine

Become a more skilled and knowledgeable teacher and practitioner of yoga.

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FEBRUARY 9 - 10, 2019

In this 2 day workshop you will learn about the spine and it’s movements, how to prevent injuries in yoga practice and how to progress safely in backbends from a beginner level through to advanced practice.

Over the 2 days we will cover:

  • Anatomy theory

  • Technique – safe practice to prevent injuries

  • Using yoga to recover from

    • disc herniation

    • nerve impingement

    • sciatica

  • Progressions – orderly steps to progress without injury

  • Question time and case studies

Principles of injury prevention will be given in a concise and practical manner - meaning that you will be able to apply this knowledge immediately into your yoga and help your students if you are a teacher.

You do not need any previous knowledge of anatomy to benefit from this workshop. The information is presented in a practical manner using demonstrations, worksheets, skeletons group discussion, and question time. Suitable for yoga teachers and interested practitioners (at least 1 year of practice).

Jean has been teaching yoga for 23 years and has been training yoga teachers for over 15 years in Europe, China, Malaysia and Australia. The styles of yoga she has studied and taught include Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Pre and Post-Natal Yoga. Her teaching emphasises core strength and stability. Her classes are dynamic, strengthening and informative. She believes it is important for students of yoga to understand the movements of the body in order to gain the full benefits of the postures (asanas). She loves yoga because it is such an effective system for cultivating awareness, strength and flexibility, and at the same time stilling and calming the mind.

Saturday 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

Anatomy of the Spine Workshop

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