Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that links breath and movement together. This flowing practice brings strength and softness to the body and stillness to the mind.

Yoga is an ideal way to keep your body healthy; by improving circulation to the muscles and organs, developing safe and efficient ways of moving, and also improving the way that you breathe. As a beginner, you will be guided through a sequence, and over time be introduced to new postures as your practice develops.



Students are guided through the first series of Ashtanga Yoga as a group. The teacher gives instruction on how to do the postures safely, protecting your joints and building your core strength. Modifications and variations are offered to allow for different strengths and weaknesses in your body. You will gain an understanding of the fundamental postures of yoga. If you have never done Ashtanga Yoga before this class is a good one to attend to get an idea of the style and approach.

These classes are open for casual attendance. We recommend attending twice a week or more. But if you are very busy once a week is fine.

Please watch the video above if you are unfamiliar with this style of yoga.

Monday to Thursday at 6:45pm

Saturdays at 10am (All levels vinyasa class - harder than during the week)



Students work independently on the particular series of postures that is most appropriate for them. The teacher assists, adjusts and may quietly discuss particular difficulties or concerns with individual students during class. This is an ideal way to learn yoga as you progress at your own rate, methodically working to correct any imbalances or injuries in your body, gradually getting stronger, more flexible and balanced, as well as experiencing calmer states of mind due to the focused breathing and concentration.

This type of practice is suitable for people who are able to practice twice a week (or more).

Please watch the video above if you are unfamiliar with this style of yoga.

These classes are held Monday to Friday at 6am. Monday to Thursday at 6:45pm

If you would like to learn this system of yoga you will need to commit to one month of practice at least two times a week.

If you already are familiar with Mysore Style practice you can book a casual class.



As a beginner you can attend the Led Practices on casual basis.

If you wish to learn Mysore Style you will need to book in and attend at least two times a week.



A dynamic, challenging and fun class for teenagers in years 10, 11 and 12.


First Class: $15
4 Class Pass: $80
Introductory 10 Class Pass: $170/$150 conc
Introductory Unlimited 1 Month Pass: $170/$150 conc
Casual class: $22/$20 conc.

Casual class: $22/$20 conc.
4 Class Pass: $80
10 class pass: (12 month expiry): $195/$175 conc
Unlimited 1 month pass: $195/$175 conc